Porsche Awards Winner
Featured Car
Porsche 911 (997)
3.8 Turbo Coupe PDK
Basalt Black
15900 miles


Before any Dove House approved car is displayed in our showroom it receives our in-house ‘Full Valet’ from our highly skilled valeter/detailer.

Dove House Motor Company preparation stages:

Full Valet:

  • Firstly the lower half of the car is sprayed with TFR (traffic film remover – non-caustic) to help remove stubborn dirt and then thoroughly washed, including door sills, wheel arches and engine bay to ascertain the condition of the paintwork.  (If the car has a soft top we apply a fabric hood cleaner and then follow that with a protection agent)
  • If necessary the car is then given a one stage machine polish (paint protection) with mild abrasives to remove any light defects in the paint.
  • Alternatively we perform a clay bar treatment which removes any bonded contamination from paint, glass and wheels leaving everything smooth as silk.
  • We then re-wash the car to remove any polishing compound or contaminants built up from the clay bar (using 100% lambs wool mitts).
  • To complete the exterior presentation the car is then hand polished or waxed to make the paint sparkle.
  • All exterior plastic trims are treated.
  • Exhaust tailpipes are cleaned with a mild abrasive cleaner then polished to a shine.
  • The final touch being to wash the wheels with TFR (non-caustic) then polish with specialist wheel wax and dress the tyres.
  • The interior of the car is thoroughly vacuumed including the boot area.
  • Shampoo (pH neutral) the interior to remove any non permanent stains.
  • Apply a non-silicon dressing to all interior plastic trims as required.
  • All leather trims are treated with a leather conditioning cream to feed the leather and help keep it supple.
  • Finally all the glass is cleaned inside and out.

The car is now fully prepared to Dove House standards.

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