Porsche Awards Winner
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Porsche 911 (996)
3.6 Carrera Convertible
Arctic Silver
55400 miles


10/05/2016 'The car is awesome...' - Mr D from Oxford
01/02/2016 'Thanks for the great service' - Mr C from Northamptonshire
14/09/2015 'thanks for great service' - Mr M from Northants
27/07/2015 'big thank you for your excellent service' - Mr. C from Rugby
20/05/2015 'Very helpful and professional' - Mr & Mrs C from Leicestershire
01/05/2015 'I'm pleased I chose that car and that I bought it from you' - Mr L from Hampshire
25/03/2015 'top class mechanical and cosmetic condition' - Mr J from Wymington
24/02/2015 'The car is beyond amazing...' - Mr K from Uxbridge
17/02/2015 'Pleased with the work on my Ferrari' - Mr B from Cambridgeshire
29/01/2015 'We are very much impressed' - Prof C from Oxford
08/01/2015 '..thank you for making the process as pleasurable as it should be!' - Mr H from Newcastle
24/12/2014 ..'many thanks for sorting out may Cayenne...' - Mr M from Ireland
27/10/2014 'The car was beautifully prepared' - Mr D from Lincolnshire
26/10/2014 ...'beautifully prepared and presented...' - Mr D from Gainsborough
07/10/2014 'Thank you for the expert work...' - Mr M from Cambridgeshire
24/09/2014 'Thoroughly enjoyed buying the Porsche Cayman from Dove Motor Co' - Mrs A from Oxfordshire
11/09/2014 'I could not recommend Dove House highly enough' - Mr. S from Cambridge
17/08/2014 'I received great service from your team' - Mr. H from Northamptonshire
02/07/2014 'Brilliant service, professional, knowledgeable and skilled staff...' - Mr G from Milton Keynes
29/05/2014 An appreciation of courtesy and professionalism - Mr. M from Margate
28/03/2014 'You have been gifted with exceptional members of staff...' - Mr D from Bourne
22/10/2013 'I can't speak highly enough of Harvey and the guys at Dove House' - Mr. W from Lancashire
19/09/2013 'I will be recommending you to anyone looking for a Porsche' - Mr B from Cambridge
05/09/2013 'As usual, excellent service!' - Mr B with Milton Keynes
08/08/2013 'impressed with your professionalism and attitude' - Ms K from Cirencester
29/04/2013 'Thank you for your exceptional service' - Mr. G from Coventry
19/04/2013 'Excellent customer service and for going above and beyond the call of duty' - Mr. L from Wellingborough
13/03/2013 'excellent standard of service at Dove House' - Mr. L from Market Harborough
13/03/2013 ...'great satisfaction with the excellent standard of service...' Mr L from Market Harborough
04/03/2013 'I will recommend Dove House to anyone trying to source a best of class prestige car' - Mr. P from Huntingdon
22/02/2013 'It is very comforting to know that I have local Porsche expertise on my doorstep' - Mr C from Finedon
21/01/2013 'Just a quick note to say thanks for everything' - Mr. F from Burnham-on-Sea
21/01/2013 'Thanks for everything, will keep in touch' - Mr. H from Suffolk
09/11/2012 'I am delighted with the 996 C4S I bought from Nick' - Mr. C from Northampton
23/05/2012 'the most professional and knowledgable people I have ever dealt with' - Mr. L from Northampton
07/05/2012 'Car as described and beautifully prepared. Excellent Service' - Mr. W from Kidlington
06/12/2011 'Once again it was a pleasure doing business with you' - Mr. T from Northampton
28/10/2011 'OPC's could learn something from your team' - Mr. K from Northampton
12/10/2011 'Excellent service throughout' - Mr. D from Leicester
06/10/2011 'Fantastic company, a pleasure to deal with' - Mrs. W from Northampton
05/09/2011 '*Good showroom ....' - Mr C Johnson of Cambridge
30/08/2011 'Thanks for an excellent buying experience' - Mr. H from Lancashire
15/08/2011 'You offer a great service from initial consultation down to collection' - Mr. F from Huntingdon
05/08/2011 'This is the best buying experience we have ever had' - Mr S. from Barton Seagrave
10/05/2011 'Impressive aftercare, would definitely recommend' - Mr. D from Burton Latimer
30/03/2011 'many could learn from your professionalism' - Mr. M from Bury St Edmonds
28/03/2011 'I'm glad to have done business with you' - Mr. H from Sheffield
10/03/2011 'In my opinion Dove House have re-written the book' - Mr. R-S from Stamford
10/03/2011 'Good service from good people' - Mr. R from Cheltenham
04/03/2011 'Great 996 Turbo exactly as described' - Mr. B from Staffordshire
15/02/2011 'Exemplary service' - Mrs. H from Bedford
05/02/2011 'I was made to feel special' - Mr. B from Lutterworth
29/01/2011 'Courteous and knowledgeable' - Mr. K from London
19/01/2011 'Very professional' - Mr. F from Loughborough
19/01/2011 'Harvey looked after me exceptionally' - Mr. B from Gloucestershire
14/01/2011 'Dovehouse have been a pleasure to do business with' - Mr. H from Northants
13/01/2011 'I have already told my friends about your company' - Mr. P from Hereford
13/12/2010 'A very nice experience' - Mr. H from Kettering
15/11/2010 'First class service' - Mr. P from Leicester
05/11/2010 'First class service' - Mr. M from Bristol
08/10/2010 'You are now our 'performance car' supplier of choice' - Mr. S from Cambridge
04/10/2010 'Thank You to everyone at Dove House Motors' - Mr. S from Glasgow
03/10/2010 'Completely satisfied with the car and the purchase procedure'
02/10/2010 'Excellent, many thanks' - Mr. S from Northants
29/09/2010 "Truly an oasis of motoring excellence" - Mr. C from Kidderminster
21/09/2010 'I would like to say how much I am enjoying my new car' - Mr. L from Northants
24/08/2010 'Love spending with you' - Mr.U from Northampton
24/08/2010 'The experience was first class' - Mr. W from Swadlincote
19/08/2010 'He makes car buying a pleasure' - Mrs. B from Warwick
05/08/2010 'Pleasure dealing with you' - Mr. R from Bexhill-on-Sea
28/07/2010 'Excellent service and a professional set up' - Mr. H from Banbury
09/07/2010 'A first class service' - Mrs. H from Northampton
29/06/2010 'Completely satisfied' - Mr. K from Grendon
27/11/2009 'I would have no hesitation in recommending Dove House' - Mr. D from Buckingham
19/11/2009 'Excellent service' - Mrs. B from Market Harborough
05/11/2009 'Really happy with the experience' - Mr. E from Milton Keynes


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